As a Real Estate Development company, Projectcore’s key services include Fee Development, Project Management, Construction Management, and Owner’s Representatives.


Fee Development

As a Fee Developer, we are responsible for guiding the overall development process to achieve re-zoning, taking the project through sales, and having it ready for construction. Projectcore will assemble the project team, lead all meetings and communications, and be responsible for monitoring the project’s progress. This means that we also act as the primary contact for owners, helping navigate the complex development process on their behalf to achieve the best results. 


Project Management

As a Project Manager, it is our job to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and as per the owner’s expectations. Our responsibilities may include choosing team members, managing a general contractor, tendering contractors, and leading value engineering. Overall, it is our duty as the Project Manager to ensure that the final product is successfully delivered.


Construction Management

As Construction Managers with many years of experience, we oversee and coordinate the construction process of a project. This not only includes working with the team in the early stages of planning and design, but also leading construction and contract administration. With our help, risks are reduced especially for complex projects.


Owner’s Representative

As an Owner’s Representative, we take on the responsibilities of the owner throughout the entire process. We oversee the project and ensure that it runs smoothly through all phases. Projectcore has a comprehensive background in finding creative solutions for various project types and sizes.


If you’re a landowner, reach out to us to speak about opportunities for developing your property. In many cases we can help bring financing to help get through the pre-development process.