Press Release – Mirvish+Gehry Toronto

November 3, 2017

Image by Projectcore Inc, Gehry International Inc. Architects, Ed Mirvish Enterprises Ltd.

On behalf of David Mirvish, we’re excited share an update about the next stages of our project:

“I am pleased to have concluded a transaction with Great Gulf that will see the realization and fulfillment of my vision for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto. I am delighted to have completed the development process that allows Great Gulf to create a wonderful addition to the Toronto skyline. In Great Gulf we have selected a developer who is capable of executing Frank Gehry’s vision, and will work well with him to bring the project to realization. I believe the project will do honour to the history of the people in the city who built it to what it is today and will continue to project Toronto’s possibilities onto the world stage. Ed Mirvish Enterprises and Projectcore will move forward to support Great Gulf’s efforts throughout the process as they fulfill Gehry’s vision for Toronto.”