What Does a Real Estate Development Company Do?

                                July 17, 2019

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Property owners who want to achieve the best value for their land often choose to go through a re-zoning process to gain entitlements for different uses and an increase in density. However, this is a lengthy and complicated process with many risks that make it difficult for the average landowner. Real estate developers guide these owners through all the different stages of the process. By working with a good development manager with previous experience, the property will gain added value and profits can be maximized while minimizing risks.


As a Real Estate Development company, Projectcore’s services include Fee Development, Project Management, Construction Management and Owners Representatives.


Fee Development

Fee Development is Projectcore’s key service to land owners and financiers who need technical expertise. As a Fee Developer, we are responsible for guiding the overall development process to achieve re-zoning, taking the project through sales and having it ready for construction. Projectcore will assemble the project team, lead all meetings and communications and be responsible for monitoring the project’s progress. This means that we will also act as the primary contact for the owner. The fee for this service is calculated based on a percentage of the total development cost and varies over the different phases of the project. Since the development process can be complex to navigate it is important to work with an experienced team in order to achieve the best results.


Project Management

As a Project Manager, it is our job to make sure the project gets done on time and on budget, while also making sure everything goes according to the owner’s expectations without any surprises. This may include responsibilities such as choosing team members, managing a general contractor, tendering contractors and leading value engineering. Overall, it is our duty as the Project Manager to make sure the final product is successfully delivered.


Construction Management

As Construction Managers with many years of experience, we will oversee and coordinate the construction process of a project. This not only includes working with the team in the early stages of planning and design, but also leading construction and contract administration. With our help, risks will be reduced especially for complex projects.


Owner’s Representative

As an Owner’s Representative, we will take on the responsibilities of the owner throughout the entire process. We will oversee the project and ensure that it runs smoothly through all phases.



Projectcore has a comprehensive background in finding creative solutions for various project types and sizes. If you’re a landowner, reach out to us to speak about opportunities for developing your property. In many cases we can help bring financing to help get through the pre-development process. For more information, please visit our website at